Monday, 13 August 2018

Sunday Gospel

On this Sunday the Church invites us to focus on Jesus who continues to draw us to himself so that we can be nourished and strengthened like Elijah in the desert.
Jesus tells us that if we eat the Bread he gives us, we will live forever. Jesus requires us to have faith in God’s love and care for us.
Jesus asks us to have faith: after all, we have to take it on his word that we will live forever if we eat his bread.
We believe that God loves us, so we know that God cares for us even when things don’t work out as we would like.This is what it means to have faith in God: to love God and hope in God even when everything is going wrong.
This is the faith and trust that Jesus had in God. Jesus died on the cross still believing and trusting God.  Jesus draws us to Himself every day through the Eucharistic table in order to nourish and strengthen us for our journey.

Let us pray that Jesus, the living Bread, will be at the centre of our lives this week in all we say and do.

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