Monday, 30 July 2018

Sunday Gospel

John 6: 1 - 15 Jesus feeds five thousand.

Jesus was always concerned for the human needs of people as well as the spiritual. He knows his concern that people have nothing to eat and he is anxious to remedy that. In other episodes we see him healing the sick, comforting the grieving, reaching out to the lost and outcast, to sinners. In prayer he taught us, he urged us to ask the Father to ‘give us our daily bread’. This bread can refer to himself, the Bread of Life, that we receive in Communion, but it also refers to the food we need for sustenance each day.

In this Gospel we also note the concern of Jesus that none of the food gets wasted as he urges the disciples to collect all of the scraps left over. Today we live in an age of incredible wastefulness, a throwaway society. Huge amounts of food are dumped every day. Today is a good day to consider our use of the resources of the earth. One paradox of life is how a little can go a long way, as the boy with the five barley loaves and two fishes demonstrates, while excess often leads to waste and leaves many hungry.
(Gods Word 2018- Daily Reflections , St Pauls Publications)

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Discussion starters
In this Gospel a large crowd followed Jesus. Why was Jesus concerned for them?
What small amount of food did the disciple Andrew find?
What did the disciples ask the crowd to do before Jesus blessed the bread and fish?
What did Jesus do with the blessed food?
What was left over?
Jesus feeds us in the Eucharist. What does he give to us?

Jesus gives us his body so that we can become one with him and live like him.
We pray that we will live for Jesus and share what we have with others.