Thursday, 4 February 2016

Teacher Only Days - Lead up to Day One.

Welcome to the school blog where you can read about our journey as we enter into this exciting time. 

Over the last couple of weeks the teachers and support staff have been working really hard to set up programmes that will challenge and excite our students.

This week we had three Teacher Only Days working collaboratively, learning together. 

On Day one we spent time looking at how we work in the workplace, at the makeup of our teaching teams, the similarities and differences between us and how we will work together to most effectively raise the achievement of the students we are working with. Lois Christmas, an education consultant facilitated this excellent session.

We had our first session on Growth mindset. We worked together to gain a good understanding of Growth mindset and to begin to develop a shared language that will promote Growth mindset in our students. We intend to share this information on Growth mindset with you soon on the website and in a parent information session later in the year. in the meantime here is short video to watch if you are interest in hearing more and a link to a short article.

Carol Dweck - The Power of Yet

On Day two our Director of Religious Studies (DRS) Suzanne Newton facilitated an excellent session that had us looking at our Charism (The charism refers to the distinct spirit that animates our community and gives it a particular character). We also discussed what best practice looks like in the delivery of RE. Teams spent time together planning the first RE integrated unit. Cushla O'connor (Primary RE Advisor) joined us for the morning also which was much appreciated.

Our afternoon was spent looking at Teaching as Inquiry and revisiting the Spirals of inquiry - talking about delving into our practice and really drilling down to find out what the data we collect is telling us about teaching and learning - and how we can improve student outcomes using this process.

We finished the day with some art workshops...check out this pic of our wonderful art!!

Day three started with the whole teaching and support staff team attending Mass together at 9.15am. This was a wonderful way to start the day and we were welcomed fully by Father Simon and Father Mathew at this Mass. They along with Kirsten from the parish office joined us for morning tea - which they provided! We know we are going to work so well together to ensure the spiritual guidance of your children is well covered!

After morning tea we had a session on blogging - Team blogs were set up and this is going to be one of the main ways each team will communicate with you this year. More information and links to follow - Watch this space.

What a wonderful three days... all we need now is some students!!!! Bring on Day One!

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